Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do people come to live at Bridge Meadows? 

Our residents have come from both near and far to be a part of the Bridge Meadows community.

Adoptive families in need of supportive housing are typically referred to us through DHS. Each of our families has agreed to provide permanence to three or more children (typically siblings) and are in some stage of that process prior to their arrival.

Elders come to us from a variety of sources and referrals. Churches, family members, senior service organizations, online research, and word of mouth. Some of our elders (a term we use to convey honor and respect to those 55 and older) have come from as far away as Colorado, Arizona, New York, and California, and as close as down the street! If you are interested in living in this innovation intergenerational neighborhood, please click here.


Q. Do you receive funding from the government or the state to provide services?

Funding for Bridge Meadows comes from rental income, private fundraising from individual donors and businesses, foundation and grant support, and events. There are no ongoing government or state dollars currently contributing to our operating costs.


Q. Do the elders adopt children too? 

The Elders at Bridge Meadows are not expected to adopt children. However, some of our Parents are grandparents or older relatives of the children they have adopted so their ages may be the same as many of our Elders. Since they are Parents, though, they live in one of the 9 family homes versus one of the 27 Elder apartments. 


Q. What do Elders do with their volunteer time? 

Elders agree to contribute 100 hours or more towards the benefit of the community as a part of their lease agreement. Those volunteer hours are one of the ways in which they contribute to the overall vibrancy and health of this community.

The things they do are as varied as each person: child care, tutoring, making a meal for someone who is sick, picking up a young one at school, driving another elder to their doctor appointment, teaching an art class, reading a book to a child, teaching an artistic tween the art of photography… the list goes on and on.

Volunteer activity at Bridge Meadows is not so much about performing a task as it is a means to connect with someone else in the community. 


Q. How can I lean in to help? 

We welcome folks who live outside Bridge Meadows to help in all kinds of practical ways. Every holiday season we have an Angel Tree where generous individuals provide a Christmas gift for an elder, a parent or child.

We always need help with our fundraising events, including procuring items for the auction, sponsoring an event, or filling a table with people you’d like to introduce to Bridge Meadows.

Sometimes people help during the summer by sponsoring a field day or off-site activity for the kids. We are always open to conversation about what you might have in mind. Call us at (503) 953-1100 and let us know in what ways you’d personally like to lean in. 


Q. Is the community “open to the public?”

We invite and welcome visitors to Bridge Meadows all the time!

Because Bridge Meadows is a housing community it works best if you call ahead to schedule a visit or a tour. That way we know someone is available to meet with you and we preserve the privacy of our residents.

In general, a great time to visit is during our weekly “Happiness Hour” which takes place on Wednesday’s from 4:30pm to 6:00pm in our community room. Our entire community gathers, enjoys a meal together, and catches up with one another. The intergenerational life is in full view!

Please call the office at (503) 953-1100 to schedule your tour. 


Q. How do I get one of these communities in my neighborhood? 

We are so excited that you see the benefits of an intergenerational community and would like to make it happen in your neighborhood! That’s fantastic!

It is our goal to develop more of these vibrant communities in the Portland Metro area and around the country. We are currently in process of creating materials to help others in their journey and would be happy to share them with you. In the meantime, visit our Resources page to complete our short form and we will be in touch with you shortly.