Cheryl moved to Bridge Meadows so that she could adopt all four of her grandkids ranging in age from newborn to early tween!
Vivyan became part of the grandma brigade that helped Cheryl through a medical emergency shortly after she moved in. Vivyan played with the boys, babysat and helped with household chores.
Jerry, also part of the grandma brigade, became a supporter of Cheryl and helped to take care of the boys. She also became very fond of the family “across the path” that includes three children; Little Jackie, Brodie and Joy.
Jackie is the adoptive mom of Brodie and Joy. Jackie and Jerry are early morning walking buddies and Jackie taught Jerry to knit.
Tammy and Estelle
Tammy is a next-door neighbor to Jackie, who she leans on for emotional support as Tammy goes through the process of caring for and adopting 4 grandchildren. Here with Tammy is Estelle, who enjoys taking Tammy’s grandkids on outings.
Eight-year old Maddy, one of Tammy’s grandkids, goes swimming a few times a week with Estelle.
Tomas and Jordan
Tomas, Cheryl’s son, and Jordan are best friends. Jordan is Maddy’s brother and he also spends time with Estelle.
Joy is our resident storyteller and artist. Tomas and Jordan look forward to story time with Joy.
Reba’s adoption was recently finalized for her two grandchildren, “little Reba” and Lydia. While recuperating from hip surgery, Reba leaned on Joy and others to keep the girls occupied.

When people are there for each other, life works.

When people are there for each other, life works.

A youth in foster care finds a permanent home and finally begins to trust the adults in her life. She goes to school every day and her grades improve. 

Adoptive parents gain knowledge & skills to parent youth with confidence who have experienced trauma, along with support and camaraderie to manage stress, and achieve a level of security to provide stability for their children. 

Elders gain new friends and family, and feel more alive than they have in years. And it's all possible because real, meaningful relationships are built and nurtured with intention and purpose.

Bridge Meadows works because an untapped resource—older adults who seek purpose in their lives, find an unmet need: support for youth formerly in foster care and their adoptive families. Since our community opened in 2011, we have seen transformations nothing short of amazing. And we couldn't have done it without our with our partners and donors. In the past year alone:

of residents have maintained stable housing.

of youth have attended school regularly.

of youth are doing better academically.

of adoptive parents have accessed supportive services.

of parents are confident parenting youth formerly in foster care.

of elders have found greater purpose through interaction with children, parents and other elders.

The real beauty of our intentional intergenerational community? How the experience benefits each generation in the ways they need it most.


Trauma Fades

Youth in the U.S. foster care system have a 50% chance of moving among five or more homes by the time they’re 18. That’s a lot of trauma and instability for anyone, especially a child. But at Bridge Meadows, real healing happens. Every day. Each week. Year after year.

And our youth aren’t just doing better in school. They’re managing emotional challenges better, report fewer problems with mental health issues and experience fewer behavioral issues at school.

To date, 88% of our youth formerly in foster care have been adopted or granted permanent guardianship. By the time these youth reach 18, we estimate our model will save the public foster care system well over one million dollars in foster care payments.


Families move forward

With resources and support, families become stronger, more stable, less stressed and more empowered to create real pathways toward a new, promising future. Some of them will be the first to break multiple generations of poverty, truly changing the trajectory of their lives and the lives of their children.


Our elders are valued 

Elders leverage a lifetime of wisdom and experience as honorary grandparents, mentors and friends. No longer socially isolated, they stay active and engaged, lower their risk for health issues, and find new meaning and purpose in their lives. 

Sharing Our Success

"I'm going to make a difference in people's lives...I know I will whether it's with one kid or a million. I'm going to do something."

—Alyssa, Bridge Meadows Youth

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It really works because of you.

More people living safe, healthy lives. Stronger social support for those who need it most. Real families building real futures. At Bridge Meadows, we feel an ethical responsibility to grow our presence and impact—and we invite you to join our donors and partners to help make it happen.

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