Before Bridge Meadows, Alyssa described her life as filled with fear, instability, and chaos. At just 13 years old she had already been moved around so many times she’d lost count.

At the time, Alyssa and her siblings had been living with her grandparents, who struggled to take care of them. And being the oldest of the three made Alyssa feel like she had to grow up fast as she felt responsible for her siblings, often times putting their needs above her own. 

When Alyssa first arrived at Bridge Meadows with her Aunt Shirley, it was hard for her to accept that things were going to change. Because she had already had so much instability in her life, her first thought was that it was just another temporary arrangement.“I was always telling myself that this is temporary, that I'm moving out within a week. Or, I'm going to stay here for a year and then something is going to go wrong and I'm out.”Eventually, Alyssa started to settle in. For the first time, she felt like she—and her siblings—finally had a home that was safe. That they had a family they could rely on. And for her personally, nightmares from her past that had been on repeat night after night stopped.

Her journey with Bridge Meadows has given Alyssa something she never had growing up—a sense of being a kid. She'd always dreamed of being able to go outside and play in a big backyard and now she does just that with her friends.

Alyssa has so much hope for her future now and she’s focusing her energy on what she can do with her life.“I'm going to make a difference in people's lives. I know I will, whether it's with one person or with a million. I'm going to do something.”

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