Three years ago Reba got a phone call informing her that her granddaughters, Lydia and Reba, had been removed from their parent's home. It was a call that would change her life forever as she was asked if they could come live with her. "There’s always a purpose in life. When the courts asked if these girls could come live with me, I knew they were my purpose."When Reba’s granddaughters first came to her, she was living in a two bedroom apartment in North Portland. It was not an ideal living situation for the new family. The other residents who lived in their complex tended to stay to themselves and Reba didn’t feel much trust or a sense of community there. There were also situations happening, especially on the playground, that Reba didn’t want her granddaughters exposed to anymore.

Reba had been hoping for a solution to get her new family into a more healthy living situation—one she could afford and would provide the girls with the living space they needed to really thrive. She had heard about Bridge Meadows from her granddaughters' previous foster care parents. She thought it sounded perfect. When Reba’s DHS worker told her about the opening at Bridge Meadows, she felt as if a prayer had been answered for her. 

“Bridge Meadows provided a fresh start in a place and with a community that could meet our needs.”Since arriving at Bridge Meadows, Reba and the girls have grown immensely. “Little” Reba’s taken up photography, giving her a renewed sense of joy and curiosity. Grandma Reba has just obtained her bachelor’s degree and is enrolled in graduate school! 

Best of all, "Little" Reba is more trusting, confident and social and Lydia has also become a social butterfly. All three feel connected to a loving and vibrant community, something Reba hoped would happen for her family.“It’s important in everyone's life to be loved, to be supported, and to have friends and people that you can call family. The girls now have many women they call grandma. Women like Mary, who watches out for them and tutors them in math and other subjects. Bridge Meadows is our big family and it's awesome.”

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