In the fall of 2016, we broke ground for our newest community, Bridge Meadows Beaverton.

This new community will include a total of 41 units, 9 family townhomes, and 32 apartments for elders. It will be located in the Central Beaverton Neighborhood, on the corner of SW Allen and SW Menlo.

We will welcome families and elders home on August 31, 2017.

"As the mayor of Beaverton, I am committed to grassroots community involvement to improve conditions and opportunities for local youth. The Bridge Meadows Beaverton project has the explicit support of city residents, especially neighbors around the site and is incredibly well aligned with the Beaverton Community Vision Pan. Bringing more affordable housing, particularly for seniors, is a top priority for the city. 

The Bridge Meadows model of serving families in the process of adopting foster children in an intergenerational complex is all the better. The Bridge Meadows Beaverton project has my full support." 
—Denny Doyle, Mayor of the City of Beaverton




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