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We want to change the world — and we’re starting where we live by providing safe, stable and supportive communities for youth in foster care, adoptive parents, and elders.


Our Mission

Bridge Meadows develops and sustains intergenerational neighborhoods for adoptive families of youth formerly in foster care that promote permanency, community and caring relationships while offering safety and meaningful purpose in the daily lives of older adults.


Our Promise

At Bridge Meadows, youth coming from foster care find loving adoptive parents, honorary grandparents, valued mentors, and an entire community poised to nurture them — creating a sense of hope they thought had abandoned them long ago.

Bridge Meadows represents an inclusive approach to foster care, family support, elder services, and community connection and participation. Recognizing that physical environments are the building blocks of communities, and that empowered communities can and will nurture the health of their members, Bridge Meadows provides a true home where three of our highest priority populations—youth in foster care, adoptive parents, and elders— benefit from being together to create a whole far greater than the sum of its parts.

With the community itself serving as the intervention, our youth, adoptive parents, and elders work together towards health, safety, and stability. We provide the infrastructure necessary to heal the trauma experienced by our youth coming from foster care, support adoptive parents with services and guidance, and connect elders to a caring community that values their wisdom and experience.



I came to Bridge Meadows because I wanted to do everything I could to provide sense of permanency and safety for my girls to heal and thrive. But I couldn’t do it in isolation. This is not just a community to me… we’ve come home.

— Reba, Adoptive Parent

It’s a smart investment. Every dollar I give has three times the impact. First, they offer a supportive environment to three vulnerable populations. Then, the residents themselves support and enrich each other's live while also creating a sustainable situation that does not continually tap public dollars. It’s a home run!

— Joan Tate Allen, Co-owner, Windermere Stellar

A history of hope

Bridge Meadows was founded in Portland, Oregon in 2004, modeled after an exemplary program called Hope Meadows in rural Illinois.  We welcomed our first families and elders home on April 1, 2011, and reached 100% occupancy within six tmonths.

Bridge Meadows currently serves 27 youth, 10 parents and 29 elders. We are intentionally diverse in race, income and culture, with 78% of our youth representing communities of color.

Our first 27 elder apartments and 9 family homes were constructed using green design principles and in a circular layout that literally embraces and connects our residents. In fact, they consistently tell us that the caring, inclusive community and safe, high-quality buildings are real strengths.

Focused on strategically growing our presence and impact, our next community in Beaverton will be complete in 2017. We also have a planned site, New Meadows, for youth aging out of the foster care system, which will be located just down the street from our North Portland location.


More about us

  • Bridge Meadows is the only intentional intergenerational housing community for youth in foster care, adoptive parents and elders in the Pacific Northwest region. We are the only such community in an urban setting in the country.
  • In 2016, an article featuring Bridge Meadows appeared in YES! Magazine.
  • In 2014, a PBS News Hour broadcast featured a story about Bridge Meadows and we were awarded the Eisner Prize for Intergenerational Excellence.
  • In 2013, Bridge Meadows was featured in the Stanford Social Innovation Review.
  • In 2012, Senator Wyden named us as an “Angel in Adoption” and we were featured in the Chronicle of Philanthropy.
  • In 2011, The National Association of Home Builders named Bridge Meadows a “Best of 50+ Living” community.

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